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Bubble blowing fly

a) I’m clearly BORED

b) I have lots of work to do but am distracting myself by taking silly pictures

c) I’m stoned

d) I have a great eye for detail


e) I have a great interest and passion for flies…


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Operation smelly cat

Location: BAP compound, PeK, Baghlan, Afghanistan.

Incident assessment: very cute but horribly smelly cat was sighted within BAP compound. Several different theories were developed but most evidence pointed to the cat having been pooped on by a cow.

Recommendation: target should be washed thoroughly.

Time of operation: operation smelly cat commenced at 10.00h friday morning 19th of October and was succesfully completed at 10.12h.


Operation equipment

Target washed, operation succesfully completed

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Afghan bread, or Nan-e Afghani is made in a Tandoor oven

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